Monday, July 23, 2012


We men are simple creatures; and quite frankly, we're really not that bright when it comes to understanding women.  However; we are good at picking out jumpoffs; and please don't act like you don't know what jumpoffs are.  But I'm willing to help you out ladies.  If you've had any doubts of how men may have thought of you; I'm going to give you five ways in which we men detect if in fact you are a jumpoff.  Firstly, jumpoffs readily give out their address.  2. jumpoffs send pictures of themselves in the nude on the very first night of texting.  3. a jumpoff will talk dirty to a man after only two drinks.  4. a jumpoff will touch a man more than once within the first five minutes after meeting him.  And lastly, a jumpoff will readily expose any parts of her tongue when she's trying to get it in.  So, ladies, if you do any of those things..well, that's cool.  It just says that he thinks of you as a jumpoff; but uhmm...not that there's anything wrong with that.

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  1. Knowing is Half the Battle...Oh you forgot about Daddy Issues!!