Saturday, January 5, 2013

Kanye West: Our First Mainstream Gay Rapper?

Yes, Kanye West.. the talented, instigating rapper who will soon be Kim Kardashian's baby-daddy. Kanye West.. the co-author of the "Birthday Song" which glorifies women's booties. Kanye West.. the free-spirited Chicago entertainer who once reported on a live event that George Bush does not care about black people. Yes, he's the one.. Kanye West.

Someone brought it to my attention that Kanye West may indeed be mainstream's first gay rapper.  Once I heard this, I quickly had to dispute it.  I then asked for the details.  I mean, how can the future daddy of Kim Kardashian's baby be a gay man?  How can one of the most profiled rappers in modern time be considered a homosexual?  Kanye West? No...I don't believe it.  I can't believe it.  But uhmm....what kind of evidence do you got?

 "Okay," said one of my female sources, "let's take into consideration that this niggah be wearing a skirt."

"A skirt?"  

She googles "Kanye West and skirt" and there are numerous pictures of the rapper at a Givenchy fall/winter 2012 runway show wearing one of the brand’s skirts, or kilts, or skirts—whatever way you want to put it. There is also a picture of him on another occasion wearing a white one.

"Okay," I said.  "So-why-in-the-hell is this dude wearing a skirt?"

"Told ya," she answered.

"But that all you got?  I mean, rappers do stupid shit, ya know?"

She narrowed her eyes and shook her head at me.  "Well, what's up with his bromance wiith Jay-Z?  I mean, who be doin' that?  They've been joined-at-the-hip since last summer."

"Yeah, they've been together alot.  Sounds like some bitch-ass-niggah shit.  But still, that don't mean he's gay."

"And.. remember he did that bitch shit to Taylor Swift.  I'm jus' sayin'...think about it. That was some gay-ass shit."

Kanye West's infamous interruption of singer's Taylor Swift's MTV Video Music Awards speech in 2009 when he grabbed her microphone and voiced an outburst regarding Beyonce Knowles losing in the Best Female Video category was a bitch odd.. uhmm, excuse me.. I mean, a bit odd.  So I combined that information with the whole skirt thing and was convinced enough that it was a matter worthy of mentioning. However, I can't deem Kanye West as our first gay mainstream rapper based upon upon a few facts; but to be honest with you,  I really wouldn't be surprised if the man was gay.  However,  I can place Kanye on that list with other uber-sensitive negros; a list which seems to grow in massive numbers by the day.   

But in the meantime, I am accepting additional information to support this theory.  I mean, who knows... the brother does wear a skirt.   #ImJusSayin

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