Friday, January 16, 2015

For The Love Of Cardale

He said it.  Ohio State's national championship winning quarterback Cardale Jones has told America that he's returning to school and forgoing the NFL to continue his pursuit of a college education. Surprised, anyone? Sure you are. Haven't we all seen high school and college athletes quickly decide to seek the financial benefits of going professional over the pursuit of a quality education?  Quite obviously to Cardale, the latter is proving to be more valuable. 

Cleveland bred Cardale Jones did something that even Labron James has yet to do.  He has proven that he's a man committed to the town that raised him. Certainly, the two are totally different people. However, both are from Ohio's inner city; and both were heavily supported by their communities as youths.  Despite the similarities, Jones is one who sees that an education will eventually take him further than professional sports ever will.

Cardale Jones has shown in his young adulthood that commitment, loyalty and the pursuit of knowledge are the traits that showcases a true role model.  Please pay attention, dear youths of America. Finally someone emerges on the national stage who is not tarnished by a self-inflicted shadowy past, and is worthy of the attention that he feels that he does not yet deserve.

In the meantime, the shoe deals and the Buick automobile contracts will have to wait, corporate America. Young Cardale has proven that the key to success is the surety that you're on a successful path. So, thank you for your service, sir. Already, you have proven to be a huge success.  

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