Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Rap Star 'Young Thug' Is Evolving Hip-Hop, Sexuality...And Seemingly Everything Else

So, here's the rapper who wears women's clothes and sings lyrics like a broken instrument. (Yeah... actually sounds like music streaming from a high school band room.) He has six kids, yet he doesn't believe in gender.  He was on the U.S. Marshals' watch list, yet he's noted for being a workaholic in the studio.  He's Young Thug; the controversial super-talented hip-hop star whose name every producer wants to have in their contact list.

Young Thug was born Jeffrey Lamar Williams.  It's a name that even he dislikes, yet being forever the contrarian he entitles his latest release No, My Name Is Jeffrey.  From the projects, he steers to music; and from the music, he propels himself to be featured in Calvin Klein's Fall 2016 fashion campaign.  He's an Atlanta-based rapper who knows the streets, who knows music, and who lives for fashion.   

Initially, there were the mixtapes where slurs and shouts were heard on impressive hip-hop beats. They're a part of his creation.  He desperately wants to sing; however, simply singing would never be enough.  We're drawn to the word play and whines, and the iambic pentameter of sounds that come from his essence.  He seldom writes, and instead prepares himself for the studio by drawing symbols to plan lyrics. It's truly an art, as if seeing a Picasso art piece for the first time and knowing immediately the difference from the other paintings on the wall. Everything about him is a standout.

So, what comes out of these rumors from magazine and blogs about Young Thug being gay... or not interested in sex... or not being a stereotypical rapper... or not being... (well, you get the point).  All you have to do is listen to the music for yourself. What you'll get is a vibe, an unordinary and distinctive vibe that you can't compare to anything you've every heard.  It's a sound that is surprisingly clear and charismatic. 

He is the new weirdo of hip-hop; and an eccentric body of style who invites contrast to his doorstep.  And although previously unwilling, I gratefully accept it.

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