Thursday, November 24, 2016

Why Kanye is Awesome... Unless You Paid For A Recent Concert Ticket

The news report states that Kanye came to the Sacramento show an a hour and a half late, ranted about Beyonce, Jay-Z and Drake, said that he would have voted for Trump, and left after performing only 3 songs. Well, it just so happens that all of those things were true. More recent reports suggest that he's hospitalized for sleep deprivation.  And that news story is true as well. But what do these recent events tell us about the 21-time Grammy award winner?  Actually, quite a lot.

Firstly, Kanye is hurting.  And he feels isolated.  Why didn't Jay-Z contact Kanye after wife, Kim, was tied up and robbed in Europe? It doesn't take a genius to strike up the notion that the two were never good friends.  I suppose you all know that by now. And Kanye... good for you.  It's hard to imagine Jay-Z with any true friends, and that includes his own wife. Lesson learned, Ye.

The second thing that recent events tell us is that... well, Kanye is super-sensitive.  And sure, that's a surprise to no one; however, Kanye is like super super super sensitive. Bless his heart.  And lets not forget that November is the same month his mother died 9 years ago.  That's a date in time that's never forgotten.
Often we find it hard to accept the fact that rich and the talented are just like us; and in actuality, they are even more sensitive to daily matters than common folk.  The well-known often use more temporary resolves to address their issues. That response normally leads to either rehab or the ER.

And third, Kanye is a different type of guy.  He's a creative type. The man is super-talented.  Many would disagree for reasons that truly make no sense (all you have to do is listen to The Life of Pablo at least once, your skepticism will surely change). 
People like Kanye even think differently than the average 'three-album tops' talent. He's a freakin' super-star. The internet struggles to function whenever he and his wife post a picture with a caption.

So I say, go out and rant, Yeezy.  Get the people ready for your 2020 pursuit of the presidency.  Go out for ice cream with Taylor Swift. Team up with Solange and do a Jay-Z diss album.  Do whatever it is that feels creatively natural.  But first, get some rest, man. You don't seem like the type of guy who sleeps throughout the night. 
Just know that we're here to support you, bro, whenever you feel the need to release a good rant.  But first, let the people know if you're really serious about this tour thing.  Because genius or not, I'm not about to have you cancel on my ass.

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