Sunday, January 15, 2017

Life After Barack Obama

Firstly, lets's start by naming Barack Obama as the greatest president in American history.  Why? Let's just name a few accomplishments to start:  1. He ended the 2008 recession.  2. He reformed health care.  3. He received the Nobel Peace Prize for strengthening international diplomacy. 4. He regulated big banks. 5. He eliminated bin Laden and ended Iraq and Afghanistan wars. 6. He brokered a nuclear peace agreement with Iran. 7. He led efforts to complete an international climate change agreement. 8. He created over 17 million jobs since he took office... Look, I could go on for days and end up with a 25 page dissertation, but I'm sure you get the point.

Did the color of his skin have anything to do with how he's negatively perceived by others? Of course it did.  Did his party affiliation have anything to do with people's reluctance to accept the fact that he's great?  Certainly.  Does some of his policies collide with the few who have maintained historical power in this country?  Definitely.  Somehow it's easy for these  people to put their blinders on when it comes to accepting the fact that President Obama has contributed greatly to re-shaping this country.

Being that the president will be stepping away, (chiefly to the fact that the law prohibits him from serving more than two terms as president) what are we to expect from the greatest American president?  One can imagine more of the same. We may be uncertain of the mindset of newly elected Donald Trump, but we do know that President Obama is one of the greatest humanitarians of our lifetime.  He will continue to fight for the American people, and he will continue to be a voice for those who are muffled by the palms of the powerful and the super-rich.  And as long as he lives, and as long as his essence of hope and change lives within us, the spirit of greatness which rests in most Americans will move forth. 

So be bold in your action.  Protest corruption if you want. Boycott capital greed if you like.  But know that President Obama has your back just as true Americans had his for nearly a decade.  And that is the departing message that President Obama would want you to have faith in.

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