Saturday, March 18, 2017

Can't They All Be Like Cardi B?

It's just a question.  Why can't all women be like Cardi B? Known most recently as a rapper and a reality star from the tv show Love and Hip Hop and formerly as a stripper, the sexy Dominican and Trinidadian firecracker and instagram sensation uses her social media profiles to drop videos voicing her truths and experiences with absolutely no filter. Her 30 second videos normally go viral with over a million views.

Cardi B talks about life in the streets and in the strip clubs. She speaks of threesomes, relationships and fashion.  She's masterful at talking smack about anyone who dares to challenge her in a verbal confrontation.  Most of her material is raunchy and unveiled, yet thought-provoking and oddly sincere. Women and men like love her brutal honesty mainly because uprightness is something that is as common today as common sense. 

So why can't they all be like Cardi B?  The type of woman who has confidence to hand women dollars at the strip club?  The type of woman who demands attention from every walking being?  The type of woman who welcomes any condescending look and returns it back a hundredfold? Who would not want to spend one complete day with the attractive and outspoken Cardi?

Well, truth is to most men she's a undesired fantasy. She's real... but a bit too real, and that's problematic for most men's fragile egos. She's attractive and attention-seeking, but that too conflicts with the jealous nature of many men. Cardi B is the dream that most men have, but that somber state is where we would like to keep her.  

So women, accept and enjoy Cardi for who and what she is. Someone who keeps it on the surface but who has layers that most men are not equipped to peel. Laugh with her and bare that luring squinch of an accent because Cardi has much to offer, especially to the fickle and the easily deceived. Who is she again?...  She's the ostensible Cardi B; and on the surface is where she's at her best.

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