Saturday, July 9, 2016

Black Lives Matter Pushes Beyond The Setback

"Absolutely appalling!"  It's the best way to describe the assault on Dallas Police officers a day after marches and protests for recent police brutality and other wrong-doings.  Many black people waiting in angst and in hope fearing that the shooter of these officers would not be black.  

The Black Lives Matter movement did not want the actions of idiotic folk to setback action that was building steam just as it did after the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown.  During that time two New York Police Depart officers were shot; and as a result, the movement mildly spiraled down the efforts of unified people across America.  This time, however, things may be a bit different.  

News in today's world is different than it was twenty years ago.  A serious incident has the shelf life of perhaps two days, even something as awful as the murder of Dallas police officers.  In contrast, the murders of black and brown people by corrupt police across the country continue to be at its usual pace.  And why shouldn't it be?  All that has changed in regards to police brutality in recent times is the immergence of ever-present videos resulting from technology's rocketing pace.

Surely, one would expect the Black Lives Matter movement to be the culprit for the incident in Dallas.  Even President Obama has been scrutinized for placing us in the middle of a race war.  Truly, only the unwise and blatant ignorant believe such blasphemy.  

Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, recently voiced that there should be more guidelines and policy changes as it pertains to policing.  Even former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich (Rep.), stated that whites "don't understand being black in America."  Although, those words could be stemmed from his new political agenda.  He's considering a role as Donald Trump's vice president.

So, how is the Black Lives Movement responding to a perceived setback?  There are events scheduled in Huntsville, Alabama.  There are other events scheduled in Detroit, Atlanta, and other cities.  It is fact is that we all mourn the horrific incident that took place in Dallas.  But many of us know and feel the importance of continuing a movement for justice regarding black and brown people in America.  Thus, the resolve is a simple one.

The movement must continue.

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