Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Truth About Jordan's Push Into Social Awareness

I'm sure he didn't want to step out of his role as CEO and owner. Young black kids being shot down by police officers? Surely, Michael didn't want anything to do with it. Former black servicemen firing upon white police officers? No way, says MJ.  So why does someone as tightfisted as Michael Jordan give $2 million dollars to organizations established to help community relations?  And why does someone who has a history of not getting involved in the annual 'fight 'til your death' release of $400 dollar Jordan sneakers want to make a stand now against an injustice towards kids his own race?  One thing is for certain, it's definitely something he's not comfortable doing.

No doubt about it, Michael Jordan is one the most glorified athletes in the history of sports.  He's an icon, a billionaire, a model for generations both black, white, and other.  He's the face of a brand that made Nike the juggernaut it is today.  The man (as a brand) is simply awesome.  However, there is one thing that he is not: a voice for a change of any kind.  

There are other words used to describe Michael Jordan, "selfish," "cheap," "prideful," and "asshole."  Believe me when I say, those are not my words.  (I had to do my homework.)  So the question is: why now?  Why wait so long to have an opinion on anything outside of basketball?  He knows his global status.  And he's also well aware of his net worth.

Was the great MJ pressured (or shamed) to give some of his money and words to a worthy cause, such as the one against police violence against black folk?  Did Carmelo Anthony (who receives checks from Jordan due to Anthony's deal with Jordan sneakers) pressure him to take a stand for something... anything?  Because Jordan's monetary contribution to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund does not sound like an idea that popped into his thoughts during a midday nap on the yacht.

Carmelo said it best when he replied "it's about time" when asked about Jordan's recent contributions.  But you truly can't beat up on a man who actually does something positive for a much worthy cause. Hey, it's all greatly appreciated Michael!  Truthfully, I'm just glad you've finally stepped onto the court.   

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