Saturday, July 19, 2014

Why We're Forced To Love Drake

Are you getting too much Drake? Because you said that you were tired of him crying over lost love on some of his songs. You said that you were tired of his public confessions of love for celebrity women. You said that he's not gangsta enough to be considered a rapper. You said that he's not a talented singer yet he considers himself to be a crooner. He's not handsome enough yet he's considered to be a sexy symbol.  These are all things that you've said, right?  Well, yeah.. you definitely said it; but still you find yourself tuned in to the guy. How is that?

We are simply forced to love Drake.  Why?  Because he's freakin' talented, that's why.  You can hate on him, and you can say that he doesn't fit into the mold that you want for him; but still, quit lying to yourself and admit that the guy is freakin' awesome.  Drake is like Wayne Brady in Wayne Brady's best dream which he's incapable of even dreaming.  He's like that super-talented athlete who is also one of the best musicians in the world.  Hold on a second... that person doesn't yet exist.  But still though, you get the picture.

Drake (who got his start playing the character Jimmy Brooks on the television series Degrassi: The Next Generation) is naturally talented as a hybrid musical artist. The fact that he's both humorous and timely as an actor only adds to his substance as an entertainer.  His performance as a host at the ESPYS was a little edgy for some but considered superbly entertaining by most.  Drake is someone who is already on his way but seems to have made it there already.

So, what is my suggestion to most of his haters, and to the number of people who feel that Drake is simply forced upon them by the powers that be?  Well, you can look up some old footage of Degrassi: The Next Generation. Maybe there you could find something worth criticizing... Maybe.

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