Monday, April 28, 2014

Race, Trust and the NBA

You all are now aware. Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling was recently heard on a recording voicing his dislike for minorities, specifically black people.  The news spread like a wild fire on Saturday April 26th. Some people stated that the team should boycott the playoffs and others wanted the Clippers fans to stop going to the games.  It's a horrible situation, yet it's one which shouldn't be a surprise to many Americans across the nation.

I've written numerous blogs about race, one of those covered the Trayvon Martin incident; another was about professional golfer Sergio Garcia saying that he would invite Tiger Woods to his home and serve him chicken. Hey, it's not a mystery.. racism exists. It's the reason why we still have affirmative action in place; and it's the reason why we still celebrate Jackie Robinson Day at professional ballparks, in effort to address and educate people on a matter that's both sensitive and serious in nature.  So why shouldn't we expect this particular white man whose known to be a tightwadded miser and slum lord, and who also happens to date a young Black-Mexican woman (and I still don't quite understand that) to be anything other than one of strong racial opinion?  Is it because he owns a professional NBA team in a league that's comprised mainly of black men?  Of course not.  Like I said, this should not be new information.

Nope, I'm not surprised. However, I do have an issue with this secret recording stuff.  I mean, hey...I still haven't gotten over that whole Marion Barry matter. Yeah, you remember.. the Washington DC mayor who was invited to his jumpoff's hotel room for dinner and a side order of crack cocaine just before the door got kicked open by federal agents.  And what did Barry say?  I quote, "this is entrapment...that (chick) set me up." Now, should we have a mayor, or any public official, who spends his spare time with jumpoffs and crack cocaine?  Of course not.  But isn't that just the way that a lot of  relationships are nowadays? There's simply an abundant amount of deceitful behavior.. from both men and women.

So who is this woman who secretly recorded the super-racist Donald Sterling?  And how is it that a Black-Mexican woman dates a racist man who she knows dislikes blacks and other minorities and still spends her ever-diminishing time on earth around such an egotistical old goat?  Is it the money?  Of course it was the money. But how do you decide that okay, if I record him talking about black people (a race of which I just so happen to be) that I might expose him for who is although  I might be spoiling that planned trip to Europe?  Couldn't you have taken your stand prior to this secret recording? Because surely he didn't know that he was confessing to the world something which was told under the trusted seal of relationship confidentiality.  I mean, how are we to know that our significant other doesn't record us on a regular basis. Damn smartphones!  Well.. how do we know that there isn't a presence of deceit in our own bed? Because we trust them?  Because we love them so much?  We all say confidential things in private. You know, those never repeated discussions about our best friends or our bosses or our family members.  How are we to know that those things aren't ever going to be repeated?

Surely, I could be looking at this all wrong.  I mean, God could have been using a common person as herself to do something for a greater good just as he used common folks like Moses and Esther to do His will during the good Old Testament times.  But still, why use deceit to resolve an issue for which you were not bold enough to address personally. Could you not see that he was a racist prick over those stacks of 1,000 dollar bills?  Oh, I'm sorry...I mean stacks of $5,000 dollar bills.   Shiiiit.. I hope the prick Sterling gets what he deserves; he definitely had it coming to him one way or the other.  I also hope that she gets prosecuted for illegally recording another human-being. Hopefully, she'll just get a slap on the wrist; but still, a conviction would keep others from conveniently whipping out their phones and pressing the record button.

My advice to Donald's boo thang and to anyone else who has a quick recording hand?  Just tell me how you feel to my face.  And oh yeah, put that freakin' cellphone on the table where I can see it.

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