Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rhianna and Chris Brown forever? Well what do you know...Drake was right all along


“Praying for you baby, my best wishes are with you today!"  That is the tweet that Rihanna sent to Chris Brown in reference to his failing a random drug test while doing community service in Virginia.  However, it is reported that Chris actually has a medical marijuana card from the state of California that was issued by an acupuncturist.  A medical marijuana card?  An acupuncturist?  Chris Brown? Really??  Anyway,  the judge set a probation hearing for November regarding a possible probation violation.  

Now, let's go back a couple of months to the club brawl in NYC when Drake's entourage and Chris Brown's people waged war on each other using alcohol bottles as weapons. Geez..what a mess!  The story goes like this: Chris Brown sent a bottle of expensive champagne to Drake's table. Drake's people sent the bottle back with a note attached saying "that's why I'm f#cking the love of your life."  After that, there was a horrible bottle war resulting in multiple lawsuits.

However, did Drake know something that we did not?  Did Drake know something that Chris Brown did not?  Did Drake pick up valuable information regarding Rihanna's relationship with Chris, after spending personal time with her?  Well, it's possible that Drake was not in the wrong after all during that fiasco in New York City.  In fact, maybe he wasn't consumed with hate after seeing Chris Brown enjoying himself in the club with a bigger entourage than his own.  Perhaps Drake simply reminded Chris of something that he had been denying for months.  Rihanna really is the love of his life.  Believe me people, Chris Brown and Rihanna are far from over.  

Do I really care?  Not exactly.  But, it is entertainment news; and it is love...well, I suppose.  So let's just breath in a deep inhale of amor, and breath out the negativity that goes along with the entertainment biz.

Breath in now.  That's right, take it all in.  Now breath out. Ahhhh...Did you get that?   Did you feel that?'s the preciousness of it all.

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  1. A celebrity failing a random drug test while performing community service is a “double whammy” for this dancer-singer celebrity. I kinda like him when he was just starting in his career. But sometimes, things take a different turn. I hope he would have a clean slate soon and shun away from illegal drugs and alcoholic drinks. He is really somebody that young people can look up to, if he change for the better. Tasha Boone