Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Steve Harvey Is Not The Devil... I Suppose.

How many shows does he have?  Four?? Five?? There's Family Feud, Little Big Shots, and the Steve Harvey talk show. The Steve Harvey Morning Talk Show is a weekday-morning program that is as popular as any on radio.  Harvey is a multi-millionaire businessman; a successful comedian and television personality. He's a celebrity, an author, a self-proclaimed man of God who gives advice to his radio callers only after voicing less appropriate jests for his audience.  An iconic figure, Steve Harvey is as influential as they come for the role model-seeking black community.  So why team with Donald Trump in his upcoming presidential endeavors? There has to be a good reason, right?

For the past five months, Steve Harvey has been talking negatively about his new teammate, Donald Trump.  He referred to Trump as dishonest and untrustworthy.  Harvey argued with Trump supporters believing that the country would go in a negative direction with Trump as president.  He hinted that he would meet with Trump before the actual sit-down, but when called out on the event he slyly suggested that it would be years away rather than only days.  Harvey has received an abundance of backlash for the meeting.  He's been called "Uncle Tom" and "coon" since saying that he was glad that he met with Trump, and that he would "sit with him anytime."

Although non-apologetic for the meeting, he expressed that he was shocked by the reaction of many in the black community.  Shocked?? But why?  It was he who voiced publicly his distrust for Trump.  It was also he who spent hours convincing black people to come out to vote for Hillary Clinton.  Surely, there was something to receive in return from supporting Clinton just as there is for assisting Donald Trump. 

But what does all this mean?  It means that Steve Harvey is a businessman; a wide-eyed opportunist. On his talk show Harvey often talks about taking any opportunity that comes his way believing that something prosperous will be the return.  Perhaps Steve Harvey believes that politics is in his future, maybe even a future presidency (the formula has already worked for one television personality).  However, what Harvey doesn't understand is that one can't simply accept any call that comes his or her way.  The lack of support from the black community can be far worse than the backlash from a mistaken Miss Universe announcement.  Based on the unwavering sentiment regarding newly elected Donald Trump, the black community's voice is just warming up on this one.

My suggestion?  Stay in your lane, Steve... if you have one. 

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