Thursday, July 26, 2012

He came out of the closet...but did anything change?

On Monday at the 9:30 Club in Washington DC, R&B singer/songwriter Frank Ocean performed to a much enthused audience.  It's been only a few weeks since he reported that he was gay, even reporting that the songs which he targeted towards women were actually written with a male acquaintance in mind.  With that being said, it seems necessary to report that a great number of women in the club's front row screamed hysterically at Ocean's performance, accompanied by a word on word sing-a-long.

His album, Channel Orange, debuted at the #2 Billboard spot last week, selling more than 131,000 copies digitally.  So is Frank Ocean losing his fan base, or is he simply strengthening it?  Some believe that he just may be gaining new ones.  Frankly, I'm glad that he came out of the closet.  I'm still sort of slow on adjusting to the much abundant gay culture; but I'd rather deal with someone who knows who he/she is, and is not ashamed to be just that.  Word of advice to all you 'undercover' gays, take heed and step out.  Things just may turn out to be better than you had expected...and the women that you've been trying to fool for years will be greatly appreciative as well.

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