Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Daaaaamn! Uncle Herm says blacks won't vote for Obama

Herman Cain (you see, I like to call him Uncle Herm because, well...he looks like somebody's trifling rich uncle) voiced his opinions on the presidential race. The womanizing, one time front-runner in the republican presidential race is fully supporting a hopeful Mitt Romney. Uncle Herm believes that Obama will have a few setbacks in the coming election. Firstly, Cain believes that African-Americans won't come out to vote in the surprising numbers of 2008. Uncle Herm also stated other issues that he believes will be detrimental to President Obama: the increase in the number of unemployed, the increase in the number of people on welfare, the rise in gas prices, as well as the 50 percent increase in the national debt. So, American voters, is there a true cause for concern. Sure, Uncle Herm has a history of soliciting women for sex by asking them if they want a job; and sure, Uncle Herm was the lone representative of a bullheaded and impassive Tea Party; however, these are facts that simply can't be ignored. Then again, a lot of us did look the other way when George W. Bush won (or stole) his 2nd term in office. Well, I suppose a similar act can be repeated; except this time in the favor of a more deserving democrat.

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