Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Men Being "Straight Up" About Sex

I have a friend who is about as "straight up" about sex as he is when he places an order at a drive-thru window.  He tells me, "you see, I just give the women a choice.  They either with it..or they aint." Many women would find his approach to be problematic, or even immature.  Buuutt, you may find it to be less of a problem if he looked like the man in this photo.  Sorry ladies, my friend does not look like this guy..and neither do most men.

Most guys will take different approaches to obtain a woman's interest.  We become more attentive to your words, and we may smile a bit more than usual.  And sadly, we may also expand the truth a little, i.e. we tell you that thing with our ex is completely over; or we may tell you that our job position is a bit higher than it really is.  We become someone a bit different from our actual selves, as do women when they meet someone of interest for the first time.

The problem really arises when we become that guy, like my friend, who tells you the truth about our carnal needs. Most women hate it when men whistle at them and approach them with obvious truthful compliments. Damn you hot! or damn that ass look fhat!  (I don't do the p-h-a-t thing).  It seems that you would rather for him to give you that ole one man show.  One which eventually sets matters up for disappointment when those near-truths are exposed.

But I understand, ladies. You simply want a man to give you his best effort; and who could possibly not want that from a guy? However, is his best effort being masked behind continual thoughts of lies and deception?  Maybe once in a while you could be more attentive to the straight-up guy.   Remember him?  The one who calls to you from across the street.  Yo, ma!  Let me holla at ya for a minute.  Yeah, that guy.  Even he deserves to be heard sometimes,  I suppose. I mean, he may seem a little aggressive, but he's a truthful fella.  Besides, at the very least, all he wants to do is offer you a suggestion; or possibly two.

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