Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: True representation of the black man

Tt's true, Ladies.  The men of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta do an accurate job of displaying who black men really are.  I'm sure you saying, "Hold on, Blaze.  My man is nuthin' like that" or "I sho' hope all black men aint like that." Forgive me for using street slang...it just seemed appropriate.  But really, the male characters on the show truly do an accurate job of representing us black men.

First of all, you should all know by now that there is a portion of the show that is scripted; and if you didn't know, well, shame on you.  So, now that's out of the way, let's get to the good part.  Stevie J., Benzino, Kirk and Lil Scrappy have all contributed to the music industry in some way or form.  One would coin the more popular male character, Stevie J., as simply the playa type.  He would like nothing more in life than to keep his own personal harem.  Another cast member, Benzino, is the mid-to-late forties man who is in need of finding someone with whom he can settle.  Kirk is the sensitive husband-type who is productive at times, but lacks the necessary bravado that women desire; and Lil Scrappy is simply the momma's boy, a type with which we are all familiar.

As you can see, it is a quality representation of the universal man, particularly the black man.  There's the playa, the seeker, Mr. Sensitivity, and the momma's boy. These guys are not necessarily an easy choice for those seeking to date; however, any matter relating to relationships are not expected to be simple.  My advice, ladies, take a thorough study of them all.  Shows like this give a terrific blueprint for understanding the opposite sex. Or you could simply date one or two of these types, and end up cried on, cheated on, stalked, or pregnant.  Chose wisely.

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