Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gabby Douglas: Despite gold medal, gets no points for style

Gabby Douglas, a gold medal gymnast and a role model for young black girls all over the world, is getting far more attention that she had hoped within the black community. Young Gabby is getting ridiculed for her style of hair. Douglas has no long flowing weave a la Florence Griffith Joyner, nor does she sport the high and tight curl (and sometimes wrapping style) of sprinter Carmelita Jeter. Instead, she pulls her naturally long hair back in a bun before displaying some of the better acts of gymnastics that viewers have seen in years.  Gabby Douglas is simply remarkable.  Prior to performing, she gives a stoic and highly determined stare as she attempts to achieve a feat that most have never seen; and when she's done marveling the crowd and judges, she offers that well-adored smile that is almost as big as her 4 feet 11 inch frame.

Phrases that have been used to describe Gabby are "she needs a brush" and "she's not representing."  What?? She's not representing? Every culture in the world have specific issues pertaining to themselves; and in the black community, there remains an ignorance pertaining to hair texture and the pressures to manage it. However, there seems to be more than just a matter of ignorance. There is the undertone of an immense hatred.  It's the kind of hate that prevents black Americans from supporting there own race, and the kind of hate that prevents one from seeing the importance of a black female performing well in a sport dominated by young, white, 5 feet tall females.  Well, open your eyes all of you haters, and for once pay attention to God's beauty fully in motion.

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