Monday, August 13, 2012

Ocho's Reality: The End of Sambo

Firstly, let's obtain an accurate definition of the word sambo.  It's a racial term that came into the English language from the Latin American spanish word zambo, which is believed to have come from the Kongo word nzambu, meaning monkey.  The word was later used in modern British English in an offensive manner referring to someone of African descent.  Instances of it used in America was as a stereotypical name for blacks or slaves, which can be found prior to the Civil War.  The word later became popular through a Helen Bannerman children's book entitled Little Black Sambo published in 1899.  It told the story of a boy named Sambo who outsmarted a group of hungry tigers.  With that being said, please don't think that I would call anyone a name that is as racially charge as that because I would not, and I am not.  But I am recognizing stereotypical behaviors so that we can bury such viewpoints forever.

Over the weekend, Miami Dolphin wide receiver and former Cincinnati Bengal star Chad Johnson was arrested in a domestic battery case for head-butting his wife.  It has been reported that the altercation stemmed from his wife's discovery of a receipt for a box of condoms found in the couples car.  The newly wed wife, Evelyn Lozada, of "Basketball Wives" called 911 and was later hospitalized.  She still reports her intention of filing charges.

Most of us know Chad Johnson for doing touchdown antics and other attention-seeking actions during his impressive ball-playing days earlier in his career.  Chad would say, and do, whatever he wanted despite the advice of others who hoped to further his talented career.  Johnson's  name change to Ochocinco, referencing his jersey number (85), was also a part of his self-promoting exploits.  His on-the-field actions would normally get the attention of NFL executives which led to numerous fines and expected suspensions.  The talented, yet conniving, Chad loved the spotlight. He would do just enough to get the crowd's attention, while at the same time, agitate those in authoritative positions. Chad Johnson is indeed an intelligent man.

Johnson was released from the Miami Dolphins due to this his recent arrest.  The team also voiced that his departure wasn't simply because of the alleged assault, but also because of his infectious behaviors around the team.  Following his release from the squad, VH1 terminated the "Ev and Ocho" show featuring he and his new wife.  It was scheduled to debut on September 3rd.  Ochocinco's arrest had a greater impact than he could have ever imagined. Just as Little Sambo had outwitted the hungry tigers, the former Cincinnati Bengal, Ochocinco outsmarted his employers by pushing buttons that he knew would get the attention that he desperately needed.  Now that his world has turned upside down in a matter of days, it may be the perfect time for this intelligent man to drop the act.  It's now time to show the crowd that there's nothing wrong with being a selfless black man named Chad.

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