Friday, August 17, 2012

Black kids can't read?

Maybe you've read this report: 80% of African American juveniles can't read.  Or maybe you've seen this one: 90% of black children lack reading proficiency.  Here's one from another study: only 12% of black fourth graders were proficient in reading.

The numbers are astonishing, and maybe some are inaccurate.  Nevertheless, these numbers continue to show all over the country.  I have another one for you: black and Hispanic students score lower on every known measure of achievement or aptitude than whites and Asians.  Well, I'm at full attention to all you teachers, parents, and school administrators.  What seems to be the problem?  Now, it is possible that the schools are inadequately preparing our children; and it's also possible that the tools used to gather this data is off-kilter.  The teachers are blaming the parents and administrators; and the parents are blaming the school system.  Who is the blame? What are the answers?

Even with my educational degrees, I can't give you the answer to that one.  However, I can tell you what works and what does not work.  First, allowing your child to do whatever he/she wants...that does not work.  Parents who do not advocate education...that can not work.  Teachers who give up on children who are not intrinsically motivated to read..that will not work.  However, the one thing that will work is reading.  Parents, give your child a book. Teachers, make extra time for a struggling child. Child, pick up a freakin' book.  And if you're a child or adolescent and you're reading this...freakin' is not a real word.  So, if you have a question about a word, ask someone you trust, or ask a language arts teacher.  I would prefer that you ask the latter.

Not long ago, it was said that reading is fundamental. Today, it seems that you can by without it.  The problem lies in the fact that without it, we just remain dumb. So, teachers, don't pass a dumb child.  Parents, don't raise a dumb child.  And children?  Just don't be dumb.  Back away from the tv or video game and pick up a comic book, a magazine, or a novel.  Because it is true what they say, reading is fundamental..and dumb jus' aint cute.

fyi:  jus' and aint are not real words

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  1. Can you please site your sources for these studies as I would like to use them in my research? Thank YOU.