Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Blacks and Health Education: Could Michael Clarke Duncan have saved himself?

Michael Clarke Duncan, the huge actor with the enormous smile, died on September 3rd leaving many people wandering how someone who looked so physically fit could die at the early age of 54. Duncan had been recovering from a heart attack only months ago, however, no one could imagine that his life would end so abruptly. In very recent times, Duncan had become a vegetarian, as well as a spokesperson for PETA. He had actually stated that he had thrown away over $5000 dollars worth of meat when he was changing his eating habits. But, was this act a desperate one for Duncan? Could his death have been prevented if he had practiced different dietary measures? Years ago, I was introduced to the theory of eating according to my blood type. The theory had later become a tested fact. Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo, author of Eat Right 4 Your Type, explains that the proper diet is based on the individual body's need. It's a must-have book, and I personally encourage everyone to obtain it. I have also received dietary information from Melissa Mitchell, owner of Aliscia's Tea Room. She reports that the consumption of tea is extremely beneficial to the body, both mentally and physically. She even reports studies that show that women drinking one and two cups of tea per day may promote fertility by stopping abnormalities in female chromosomes. (For more information and education you can visit The Tea Education section on Mitchell's site at www.aliscias.com). These are just a some of the ways to become healthier people without the use of pills and extreme physical stress. I strongly encourage the reading of Dr. D'Adamo's book (which can be found on Amazon or Barnes and Noble; in addition to visiting Melissa Mitchell's site. It is highly possible that for years physicians have misled us in regards to our own health; or are they simply giving us vague instructions on a matter that we consider to be priceless? Nevertheless, let's take matters into our own hands, and get the educational edge on our health, before it gets the edge on us.

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