Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Men's five favorite body parts: Here's the list.

How many times have you ever seen a man happily strolling the mall with a non-model like significant other? Maybe her booty was incredibly too big, or her eyelashes seemed at least an inch long.  Her legs may have be sculpted like She-Hulk, or she may been wearing that blouse which was only centimeters away from revealing the entire cleavage.  You think the guy is cute; and you wonder why someone like him is with someone like her. So you ask yourself..what is it that men really want? Well, that is what I'm going to tell you, ladies.

The information you're about to read is not made-up.  It was derived from months of careful research, and for obvious reasons the female genitalia was left out for readership sake.

And now that the fine print has been disclosed, here it is,'s five favorite body parts, and the reason why we love them so much.

  1. The Eyes:   The eyes??  Don't get it twisted, ladies. He may not know what color they are; however, he can detect from those fabulous ovals when you're angry, happy or frustrated.  Men pay attention to detail a lot more than you give them credit.  He can look at your eyes and tell if you're approachable.  So, if you want him to approach, just smile with your eyes...and if you want him to move on to the next girl then just give him that angry look that you have seemingly managed to master.
  2. The Booty:  Men simply love 'the booty'. If you give him that angry look and choose to walk right by him; believe me, he's more than happy to settle for a booty shot.  Some of you have small ones and some of you have much bigger ones; no worries, men love different shapes and sizes.  I guarantee that what you have will be of interest to some one.  Besides, one of the greatest revolutions in female clothing (in addition to the bra and panties) is the millenium blue jeans. Nowadays, anyone can have a nicely shaped bottom on any given day.
  3. The Breasts:  Well, it is true that men love that which they do not have.  So, its needless to say that men love the female breasts.  Some of you think that you need big breasts to attract a man when in fact, he'll find you appealing in the right kind of top.  Men love shapes just as much as they appreciate fullness.  So, if you are indeed tata-deprived, then just go braless. Men, by nature, are visual creatures.
  4. The Mouth:  Think of it this love openings; and a woman's mouth is the only open body part that is visual to a man.  He pays attention to lips and teeth. And if you stick out your tongue, you have definite brainwashing power; however, I would advise against doing so (it's rather unladylike, ya know).  Oh yeah...a man also appreciates a woman who wears lipstick, but he'll go crazy over full lips coated with lip gloss.  
  5. The Legs:  It's love legs.  There is great joy in seeing women in skirts and summer dresses. And honestly, we haven't quite figured out why you don't wear shorts as much as we would like..but we're hoping that you get the message.  A visual leg is a desired leg.  Once seen, he'll nudge his friend in the ribs every time.

There it is, ladies...a man's five more favorable body parts on a woman.  It's just my way of letting you know that you don't have to be a model to get what you want.  All you have to do is remember these five simple details.  So, take it from me, getting a man's attention is a lot easier than you think.  After all, everything that he wants, you already have.

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