Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Michael Vick and His Returning Demons

According to a source, when Michael Vick was born his father took him in his arms and held him towards the night sky and voiced, "Behold the only thing greater than yourself."   It was quoted from the movie Roots as the character, Omoro, spoke to his son, Kunta Kinte.  Perhaps it was said, and perhaps it wasn't; rather it was or was not, there does exist a degree of relevance.

Here is some background information.  Michael Vick was raised in an impoverished section of Newport News, Virginia. He was brought up in a spiritual setting; despite the presence of constant surroundings of negativity.  There are members of Vick's family who are currently spiritual voices in the community; and it was in prison where Michael was reunited with his faith.  As a result of his athletic ability and (what is believed to be) spiritual support, Vick was able to achieve greatly while in college.  He was immediately thrust upon a national platform.  Vick's reward for turning professional was a $62 million dollar contract which included a $15 million dollar signing bonus.  He led the Atlanta Falcons to the playoffs and was then given a massive 10-year, $130 million dollar contract extension. With this reward streamed an abundance of negative attraction.

Arrogance, along with a questionable group of friends, stirred Vick downward.  He was often seen with large groups of people who were present in raunchy party environments.  Even Vick's mother reported that she would not return to his Georgia home due to the character of his associates.  In 2004, two men driving Michael Vick's truck were arrested for transporting a large sum of marijuana.  Vick was never prosecuted. In 2005, a woman sued him for allegedly giving her a sexually transmitted disease.  Vick settled the matter out of court.   In 2007, Vick also detained in Miami International Airport and reluctantly surrendered a sports bottle which smelled of marijuana.  That same year authorities investigated drug activity in his Surry, Virginia home which unveiled a dog-fighting project which led to a 21 month sentence in federal prison.

Upon release, former Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy (who also served as Vick's spiritual advisor) vouched for Vick's return to the NFL.  Vick returned to the field with a new leash on life; he had recently married his longtime girlfriend.  He sited his faith as being the reason for his turnaround; and as a result was rewarded once more with another $100 million dollar deal, this time with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Now, it appears that Vick has returned to his arrogant ways, proclaiming that his team was a dynasty, though not even making the playoffs the previous year.  There is also a constant display of what has been termed "hero ball" in which he thrusts his athletic abilities ahead of the other members of the team.  Vick is on pace to turn the ball over 35 times in the past 3 years by way of fumbles alone; and it is possible that Vick's time in Philadelphia will soon end.

So who is the real Michael Vick?  Is he the humble, spiritually based man who continues to get rewarded for returning to his faith.  Or is he the arrogant, self-indulged athlete who continues to learn difficult life lessons through consistent acts of selfishness?  It is believed that Michael Vick's demons are showing their ugly heads; but more importantly, it appears that Vick is more than comfortable with their presence.  One may say that a spiritual presence truly surrounds Michael Vick (maybe...maybe not); but it is very apparent that his skills are diminishing as the seasons past. So what's next, Michael?  Mentor?  Motivator? Inspirational speaker?  Your true self is inside of you whispering louder by the day; and it sounds a bit like:

Behold, Michael; there are indeed things greater than yourself.

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