Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cornel and Tavis: And Their Hatred For Obama

Cornel West is the outspoken Princeton professor. Tavis Smiley is a talk show host and liberal commentator. Together they make up the tag team duo of hatred towards Barack Obama and his presidency. May I also add that the two are the greatest pair of haters since Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Oh...and John Beck and Hank Williams Jr. And...well, we're talking about haters of Barack so I could go on forever.

Anyway, in the wake of the George Zimmerman decision, both West and Smiley have been extremely critical of President Obama's response to the jury's acquittal.  On NBC'S "Meet The Press" Smiley said that Obama was hesitant to speak on the matter.  He voiced that the president was not truly willing to walk to the podium to address the nation, but was "pushed to that podium." Afterwards, Smiley went on to say that the president's remarks were "weak as pre-sweetened Kool-Aid." Damn! Pre-sweetened Kool-Aid??  You took it there?!

His partner-in-trife, Cornel West, called President Obama "a global George Zimmerman."  West believes that the president rationalizes the killing of the innocent in the name of self-defense just as children were innocently killed in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia. Huh? West also commented on the black leaders in Obama's administration and their unwillingness to say a word "about the master in the big house." Woah! Master in the big house??  You're killing me!

Truth be told, they both seem to be two hatin'-ass men who feel the need to talk about others in order to get people to pay attention to them.  I mean, how else are these two clowns going to make themselves relevant? But, it's nothing new.  We've seen this before. We saw that guy, uhmmm...geez, what's his name?  Oh, yeah.. Jesse Jackson. The guy who said he wanted to "cut (Obama's) nuts off."  Cut a man's nuts off?? Really? It seems like ole Jesse was just hot and bothered because Obama was getting all of the attention.  And then he shed that fake-ass tear at the inauguration. Remember that?  Just pitiful. 

Well, hatred is the issue here, as well.  Tavis Smiley is still hating because Obama didn't attend his "State of the Black Union" conference in 2008 because he was campaigning for the White House.  Cornel West is still hating because he couldn't get tickets to the 2009 inauguration.  Oh boy.  I can feel the hate from here.

Gentlemen,'re both successful black men who were riding the president's jock when he was running for election in 2008.  The whole Trayvon Martin issue was as horrible as it comes; so I understand that it's also an excellent time for you two to get your name out there by being that known black man who occasionally takes swings at President Obama. However, the thing about it is, you're both smart enough to know that the president basically spoke on the Zimmerman verdict in essence to share his grief with other's who saw it for what it was...a wrongful death.  He also spoke to the public to identify himself with every other black man in America. The president addressed the nation because he wanted to douse a possible emotionally-charged fire. The president voices his concerns because he genuinely cares about the American people and recognizes injustice when he see's it.

But, if there is no one else for Mr. Smiley and Mr. West to talk about then maybe it's best that they choose someone with whom they can identify.  Then again, I guess there is where the problem lies.

The two simply can't.