Sunday, July 14, 2013

Recovering from the verdict

SANFORD, Fla – On July 13, 2013 a jury of six women acquitted George Zimmerman of charges of second-degree murder and manslaughter in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.  It was a case that affected people all over the nation in one way or another. 

Zimmerman appeared unnerved prior to the minute before hearing the verdict despite the obvious weight of the matter.  It was the same expressionless look that viewers had seen during the course of the trial.  After the verdict was read, Zimmerman gave a quick smile and extended his hand to his attorneys.  However, many people suspect that a civil case will soon follow.

If one paid attention to the active Facebook and Twitter posts following the conclusion of the trial, one could quickly gather a feel for the pulse of the nation.  Currently, there is anger and resentment among a vast number of African-Americans.  Many white Americans have chosen to openly express their views as well; some have done so with caution.  On the morning prior to the verdict, there was one elderly white gentleman who told me that he knew with certainty that there would be a guilty verdict.  “It has to be,” he had said.  Surely, that gentleman was surprised with last night’s ruling.

So, what’s next for the great number of Americans who were angered by the not guilty ruling in the Trayvon Martin case?  Certainly, there has to be a search for strength, a search for understanding, and a search for comfort.  There was a victim here, and his name was Trayvon Martin.  There are other victims as well; including the parents and family members who have lost a son, a cousin, and a friend.  When there is a need for truth and guidance, one can only look to God for resolution.  “He will bring order to chaos,” an irritated bystander said following the verdict.  “He will bring comfort to the unsettled.” Without a doubt, he can bring strength to the remaining weakened.

Once again America has been wounded; but, in the search for God’s guidance, we all can become better citizens.  We will indeed be healed in due time. 

So, what is to come out of the killing of an innocent 17-year-old teenager named Trayvon Martin?  Well, if God is truly in our midst then surely we will grow stronger from this unsuspecting tragedy.  We simply need to seek out the real Truth, and only then act according to how we are moved. 

Because quite frankly, the pulse of the nation tells me as much.