Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Black Man: Thank Aaron Alexis for Ruining Your Life for the Next 30 Days

You know the guy. Well, at least you've seen his face. Aaron Alexis. The guy who shot and killed 12 people at the Naval Yard in Washington D.C. The man whose actions were labeled "cowardly" by the President of the United States.  The 34 year-old contractor who randomly fired several rounds at innocent people from an overlook. Yes...him. The idiot named Aaron Alexis.

Now, it is reported that Alexis, the coward, had been suffering from a mental illness, and I do have an understanding of the disease being that I've proudly served as a health care provider for a good number of years; nevertheless, a great deal of damage has been done.  Lives have been lost, loved ones are being missed, and all because of this guy, a prick named Aaron Alexis.
Now, on another note.  When it was reported that the guy who killed innocent people at the Naval Yard was a black man, hundreds of thousands of black people turned their heads in shame.  The feeling was a familiar one.  It took us back to the days of Malvo and Muhammad. The two black men who randomly shot innocent people through a hole in the trunk of a car. That was bad, and this one is just as worse.  Now, to add another notation to this matter, I want to boldly state... black man beware! Beware, beware, be-freakin-ware!  Beware and do not take this warning lightly.

Please, black man, stand clear of any and all authority figures for the next 30 days, or at least until this thing blows over. Know, my dear fellow, that there are now unwritten limitations to your belief of equality . Therefore, black man, be very attentive to this message. 1. Thanks to Aaron Alexis you can no longer drive 5 miles over the speed limit and not get pulled over. Drive with caution, black man.  Drive with caution. 2. Thanks to Aaron Alexis you can no longer talk in that culturally-accepted loud way to which you are accustomed. So please, black man, lower your voice in public. The people are watching.   3. Thanks to Aaron Alexis you must refrain from asking for that much deserved raise that you greatly desired.  Postpone that meeting with your boss, black man. No need in disappointing yourself.  4. Black man, forget about getting that "good job" to which you had recently applied.  Because unless you checked that "do not wish to identify race" box, the position will probably go to the next non-black applicant. Yeah...its' sad, but it's very true.  And black man, if your court date is scheduled within the next 30 days then.... well, now that I think about it, you don't have a chance either, way, black man, so my message don't apply to that. And black man, if you are seeking to buy a home in the next few weeks, well..,. actually, there's no true worries there either.  The banks only want your money, black man, so just make sure you're credit score is good and anticipate the worse possible interest rate, as usual.
Now, I'm not suggesting that you turn yourself into some scared little b#tch or something, black man. Heavens no, don't do that. But still, lay low for a while, bro.  Let the smoke clear before show your real man-ness.  I mean, it's nothing new; you've been there before. A black man has just put himself in the spotlight of hate; so as a result, repercussions are out there waiting... again.