Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Will The Real Kevin Durant Please Stand Up?

He's the current Most Valuable Player in the NBA. He's an Olympic gold medalist and a former first round draft pick. He does commercials; he's globally known. He's also one of the most likable professional athletes on the planet.  I mean...hell, he even cried during his acceptance speech after winning the league's MVP award. He's charming, well-known, and loved by many; but still, how much do we really know about Kevin Durant?

Okay, here's some of the story.  The guy grew up in the DC area and spent a year of college at the University of Texas. He plays professional basketball in the much smaller sports market of Oklahoma City.  It is believed that he and Labron James are close friends. In addition, he made every fan of the movie Love and Basketball cheer with joy after hearing that he was dating and engaged to WNBA player, Monica Wright. So, I'm sure that's enough for you to formulate a pretty good opinion of the guy, right? Well.. not exactly.  

You see, I recall when a woman who goes by the name Mercedes took to twitter and proclaimed that Durant should "stop acting brand new" after she mentioned that she had a sexual affair with Durant during a time when he was engaged.  I remember when national news reporters were surprised to discover that the good guy basketball player had his entire torso and back entirely inked-out in a way that it was secretly concealed by his basketball jersey (and for the record, I have zero problems with tattoos.. nope, none so ever).  However, now that his now ex-fiancĂ© is saying that the two are splitting because of their different views on religion and lifestyles?  Hmmm... the picture seems to be getting a little cloudy.

It is well-believed that professional athletes (especially professional basketball players) are promiscuous creatures; well, in addition to other things. Being the case, there was hope that Durant would be the poster boy for morality in the NBA.  Surely you know that league players don't exactly give the impression for being ideal citizens.  I mean, there's Kobe Bryant and his rape case several years ago. There's Labron James who is quite loved by many but hated by a relatively similar number for leaving both the Cleveland and Miami basketball teams.  There are also others who have gotten into fights during games, who have gotten caught with illegal guns, who have repeatedly failed drug tests; and of course, have fathered a good number of children out of wedlock. The negative image of these players are even magnified being that most have multi-million dollar contracts.

And then there's the poster boy, Kevin Durant, who is now showing us that all basketball players are pretty much alike.  Right?  Surely, that's what a good number of you think.  I mean, maybe Durant doesn't look so good now that he's refused to have a monogamous relationship with the one he promised to marry?  Gosh! What an awful person! But still, I suppose one could see a righteous quality in Mr. Durant's actions.  I mean, the man did remain truthful to his lustful convictions.  One could even say that Durant is being honest to both himself and the person he truly loves. Surely, that takes character.


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