Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Can Sex Solve Your Relationship Problems?

Believe me, I get relationship questions all the time.  But it's cool though.  Most of my early blogs covered relationship topics and I'll be the first to admit that I've strayed away from the issue somewhat. So when I was asked the question, if sex can resolve relationships woes?Well, I gotta tell ya, I had to jump on that. Pun intended, of course.

Look, we're all adults here; and we've all been in a relationship or two.. or eight.  Some of them were great and others not so much.  I imagine that they all started off with a bang before fizzling in disgust.  I can also go out on a limb and say that during that you probably argued more times than you thought you would have. Sometimes the rift was over money, and other times it was over something far more simple. I suppose that some of you were cheated on and some of you were caught doing the cheating. Either way, it started and then it ended. Even now a number of you still wonder if the relationship could have been salvaged; and to thought I have to say, if there was more sex involved then it probably wouldn't have ended as early as it did.

Remember Jody and Yvette from the movie Baby Boy? (if you haven't then you probably don't watch BET)  Anyway, the character Jody would give sexual favors to Yvette whenever he needed to put a band-aid on the couple's problems.  On the next day all would be okay...well, except for the time when Jody looked out of the window to discover that Yvette had taken the car the day after he serviced Yvette with some good ole oral.  But prior to that moment, his methods seemed to work. And I'm not exactly talking about make-up sex here (although that can be quite effective). I'm talking about routine sex, communicative sex, quality love-making, aggressive acts of lust, and all other means possible for two people to join together as one. Sharing sexually with your partner is indeed an absolute must!  And yes, it should also be done to resolve your relationship problems.

Okay, I know what your're thinking.  You've been watching Dr. Phil and he's been lecturing you on the importance of maintaining a verbal connection with your partner in effort to better understand the other's concerns.  Yes, it is very essential to communicate with your mate verbally.  But what about the physical connection which allows you to relate to one another intimately? What about engaging in activity that forces you both to lower your guard so that you can communicate without the anger and the attitude? You say that he never listens to you?  Well, take off your top! I'm sure you'll get his full of attention then.  And you sir, you say she's always nagging at you about taking out the garbage? Hell, drop your underpants. See if that whole "taking out the trash" thing is important to now?

Repeat after me: SEX CAN SOLVE YOUR RELATIONSHIP PROBLEMS.  You do not need to pay a therapist so that he or she can reemphasize the importance of journalizing your feelings.  And you certainly don't need to watch Dr. Phil giving testimony about date night with the wife.  Instead, turn to the Lifetime Movie Channel on your local cable network and watch one of those drama-filled relationship movies (that are normally fused with the softest porn ever created by man) and have a good lustful go at it. And afterwards, I'm sure the two of you will be more than happy to work out that trash removal schedule... or whatever.

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