Thursday, November 15, 2012

"Ratchet girls are taking all the good men"

Are ratchet types taking all of the good men?  Well, that's what a lot of woman say.  That's what women who consider themselves "classy" now believe.  That's what women who work 9 to 5 jobs, and desire the better things in life seem to think.  And that's what the women who continue to voice that there is a shortage of good men constantly voice.  Or could it be that the idea of a "good man" shortage is all a myth?  A myth??

First of all,  lets get a clear definition of 'ratchet'.  Ratchet (as according to the urban dictionary) means nasty, crazy, or ghetto.  It is derived from the word 'wretch', meaning poor, despicable, inferior, and pitiful.  It is believed that ratchet women set a lower standard of themselves; but not only that, they also accept a lower standard of men.  Well.. that is the belief.  But wait a minute.. In addition to this, we also have a larger number of men who find these women appealing; and as a result,  these men are disregarding "classier women" because they feel that they will be accepted by the so-called ratchet types.  Say whaaat??! That changes the entire game!  So now, it appears that we men don't necessarily need to be as attentive to our appearances.  Why?  Because there is a group of women that will accept us almost unconditionally.  We don't have to be concerned with the judging eye of some women.  We don't have to be as mindful of the words that come out of our mouths. We can simply...exist.  No pressure.  No excuses.  AND, that means that every man is capable of having a relationship.  EVERY MAN!! That is in-freakin-credible!  It almost sounds likes the american dream...Well, it sounds like somebody's american dream.  I mean, what's the requirement for being in a relationship?  Bathe??

Is this the truth, ladies?  Does that mean that matters are that much tougher for the kinds of women that we men once desired?  There's no more more concerns.  And what does that mean for the american woman these days?  Are you destined to be alone? Are you destined to date outside of your race?  Or maybe you have to simply lower standards.  Because at the moment; it's either that, or lose the war of the newly desired ratchet types.

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