Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Demons Of Katt Williams

You've seen the video. You know, the one that showed comedian Katt Williams fighting a teenager? Or maybe you saw the one where Katt Williams jumps on a man at a small venue concert in Philadelphia? Or maybe the one where Katt Williams tries to defend himself for assaulting a pool store clerk in Gainesville, Ga? Or maybe you saw the one where... well, I'm sure you've seen some sort of weird 'Katt Williams goes crazy' video.  It seems like one comes out every other day.

Look, no one is saying that Katt Williams is like... possessed or anything. Well, maybe not yet.  However, it is clear that he's been displaying a lot of odd behavior lately; and being that National Mental Health Month is right around the corner, perhaps a diagnosis is necessary before something seriously happens to him. 
Let's begin here... Born Micah Sierra Williams.  Now, let's move on: started career working the Cincinnati comedy scene.  Okay, now recent times: 

November 2006, arrested at Los Angeles International Airport after a stolen gun was found in his briefcase. 

In 2008, moved with his children to South Dakota to set up temporary residence. (Odd, but certainly not a horrible idea if you have eight kids)

In November 2010, arrested while working on a film in Coweta County, Georgia for stealing $3,500 worth of coins and jewelry.

In June 2011, arrested in connection of an alleged assault on a tractor driver. 

In October 2012, hit his former assistant with "a closed fist" causing a serious injury.  

In November 2012, was arrested in Oakland on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon on an 18-year-old. 

Seven more arrest have followed. In the midst of these oddities, Katt had a spiritual transition as he joined the Nation of Islam before reverting to Christianity.  Surely, a change of faith is no direct correlation to these odd super-assertive behaviors. Neither does it relate to Katt's random purchase of sneakers for on-looking kids in a shoe store, or his spontaneous gift giving of $5,000 dollars to a woman in financial need, nor his act of charity given to a random man in a Walmart.  There are many more stories of Katt showcasing his abundant generosity. And truly, the totality of them all sums up the man called Katt Williams.  

Is Katt Williams talented?  Sure. Can a kind soul be detected in the man?  There is evidence of that as well.  Is this all simply a strategy to promote his upcoming "Conspiracy Theory 2016" comedy tour?  Perhaps. However, the Katt Williams that pops up on our news feed getting beaten by a teenager and randomly assaulting others certainly raises eyebrows. One can easily conclude that either Katt is dealing with ongoing struggles relating to some sort of mental illness, or perhaps he is being possessed by evil spirits.  But I'll simply surmise that he's reacting to the consumption of the best weed that most smokers will ever inhale in their lives.  

So on that note, play on, player.  Just try not to get yourself killed.  I mean, surely there are plenty of strangers in Walmarts across the country who are depending on you.   

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