Friday, January 9, 2015

The Second Civil Rights Movement

Thanks and blessings to the many men and women who lay in the streets and walked the avenues in hundreds to protest injustice on behalf of the many people of color who were killed by law enforcement in the year of 2014. Thanks and blessings to the people of prominent stature who were not afraid to wear t-shirts reminding the world of the wrong-doing done to people of color by the hands of those who unjustly practice law enforcement. Thanks and blessings to the many college students who were willing to stand up for justice in recognition for the people of color who lost their lives because of the color of their skin. Thanks and blessings to all the people who have taken part in the beginning stage of the second civil rights movement in the United States.

Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and Tamir Rice are only a sample of the many black people who have lost their lives due to no reason of their own.  We have seen black men executed on television yet nothing has been done. We have heard the story of black men murdered while surrendering, yet nothing has been done.  For years, black people have voiced that racism still exist in this country; however those voices have been rejected by the masses as the faces of prominent athletes and entertainers mask the fact that racial problems truly exist.  

This letter and blog was completed to prepare my fellow citizens for the civil rights movement which is to come. Please see this concern for what it truly is for black people are still being incarcerated in waves.  Black people are still living in a high poverty rate.  Black people are passed over on promotions and are nearly non-existent in the newest areas of commerce such as technology.  Mexican people are considered a threat to this country as the fight against immigration reform remains a focal issue in Congress. Since the election of Barack Obama, it seems that there has been a pressured vendetta against people of color. How else do you explain the filming of a man being choked to death by police (despite the cause of death being ruled a homicide) yet no man has been held responsible for the act. These stated actions can easily be construed as an act of revenge on the people of color.

Fellow citizens, prepare yourselves for a trying new season for there is still much work to be done. The fight remains for Mexican people who have migrated from the south. The struggle continues for women of color who continue to survive while her children's father remains incarcerated. The war remains for young black men who will always look like a suspect in the eyes of law enforcement. Prepare yourselves for the necessary marches and protests that are to come in this new year. The opposition has an unwanted look in its eye; and until a better fight is fought, that stern look of injustice and revenge will remain.

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