Saturday, August 27, 2016

What's To Come Of Colin Kaepernick's Unapologetic Stance Against Racism

When asked why the San Francisco star quarterback did not stand during the national anthem at a recent football game, Colin Kaepernick responded, "I am not gong to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color."  So, is Kaepernick's act a bold one?  Yes indeed.  Is it a foolish one?  Well, that's what many of you believe. But is it a necessary one?  Without a doubt, absolutely yes.  

So far I've heard people refer to Kaepernick as a fool, a non-patriot, even a racist.  Well, we can certainly rule out the last one.  A person has to be in a position of power to be a racist. And although Colin Kaepernick is scheduled to make $12 million this year, he's still an employee of the 49ers, and he's far from calling any shots for that organization.  However, the man does have a national spotlight; and he's free to do with his stardom as he see's fit. No one can question the fact that free speech is one of the greatest benefits to being an American.

Colin Kaepernick also doesn't strike anyone as a nonsensical. Surely, he could have a told a good lie for his neglect to stand. 'I hurt my ankle.. I was lost in the moment.. I was thinking of my dead homies..' All could have sufficed.  Instead, he voiced that there is a problem here in this country and it needs to be resolved; and with that statement comes some sort of fallback.  Surely, he will lose endorsements; and probably, he will not be on the team next year.  Therefore, Kaepernick feels so strongly about this cause that he is willing to lose his career over it.

With that being said, Colin Kaepernick deserves every American's attention.  And he's right. There is a problem regarding racism in the country, and it's a massive one.  And before we call him unpatriotic, foolish, or even a racist; with all due respect to military servicemen and veterans, we should ask ourselves... What have we sacrificed for a cause that we wholeheartedly believe in?  If it took a while for you to answer that question then perhaps you need to hear the man out.  And for the sake of humanity, I pray that one day someone will.

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