Saturday, July 4, 2015

Who Should Celebrate Independence Day

What a great day Independence Day appears to be. It is the day our country celebrates its independence from Britain, and one which it annually proclaims to be the greatest country in the world. Certainly the United States is not perfect, but indeed there have been numerous global accomplishments. 

Great men and many leaders have placed their lives on the line for the belief that this nation had the potential to be great. If that is the case then certainly the mud that stains its red, white, and blue coat should humbly be displayed, and then hopefully mended before washed it away. This year alone has certainly been one to remember. There have been murders of black people in a South Carolina church and churches have been burned throughout the Bible Belt. Baltimore was forced to stand up and march against both police brutality and a government trying its best to mask the problems exposed from its fragile inner structure. Poverty has remained an overwhelming issue, as well as the not-so-subtle injustices directed towards gays and lesbians, and immigrants. In the past six months we have been a country in mourning due to prejudices and hatred directed towards a bulk of its citizens. 

Still, we celebrate...and we should. We glorify the magnificent country that has endured war, recession, and a downtrodden spirit with a faith that this nation can truly be that which it claims to be. It is no longer one which waits on the actions of an ever-active president, nor is it one that can count on state government to effectively lead.  Instead, it is a nation that now knows that the true power comes from the citizens who will help steer it in the best direction it deems necessary.

Again I say celebrate. Celebrate yourselves for seeing this country's faults and acting against them. Celebrate your actions in standing against recognized injustice. Celebrate your open-mindedness as you finish out the year knowing that it is you and your contributions that will make this country all that it has claimed to be. Celebrate yourselves on this Independence Day!

Without a doubt, change has indeed come and change will once again be needed as we the people help this country restructure its foundation. And we'll do it again and again, all for the sake of this fragile nation's often-assumed greatness. 

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