Saturday, August 20, 2016

Racial Issues Continue, Even At The Olympics

Being that this is the 100th blog post, we'll get straight to the point. It wasn't just swimmer Ryan Lochte who behaved poorly at the Olympics.  We certainly can't forget about the mouthy soccer player Hope Solo's slew of ignorance.  A rowdy 32-year-old having fun is how the media portrayed one; and an outspoken strong-willed athlete is how they described the latter.  

Sure, they did throw Simone Biles onto our laps and said that she was the next American darling. They even put a bow on the gift when Zac Efron flew to Rio de Janiero to portray the role of the young gymnast's super-crush.  All the while Gabby Douglas is the unpatriotic one who refused to place her hand over her heart during the National Anthem.  She's also the one deemed moody and non-supportive throughout the entire games.  All of course, is how it's fed to us in the media.

Still, US soccer goalie Hope Solo refers to her competitors as "cowards" although known for beating her nephew and making negative comments about her team in past contests.  But we are to like her strong competitiveness.  Just as we are to accept that Lochte and his swim team pals are harmless kids having fun for making-up a story about being robbed by brown-skinned foreign people. That is what we are encouraged to believe. 

In an Olympics where Usain Bolt stole the show, and American women finished gold, silver and bronze in the 110 hurdles; and in an Olympics where darker-complexioned Americans will remain unknown for individual wins in the long jump, triple jump, shot put, etc. etc; it remains apparent that we can not get away from the disproportionate viewpoints stemmed from nothing other than poorly-constructed thoughts regarding race.  

But, I suppose... other than that, it was a a pretty good Olympics.  At least that's what they say. 

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