Sunday, December 16, 2012

Over 30 and Looking for Marriage? Think Young

I have new information, ladies. Younger men just may be better husbands. Well...I really can't say that they're better; however, I can say that they may be more suitable for marriage.

Check this out.  Firstly, men and women are far different that they were ten and twenty years ago.  You have to use the 6-8 year rule.  That means that men and women who are 30 years old act more like a 22 or 24-year-old.  A 35 year old acts similar to a 27 or 29-year-old nowadays.  A 43 year old is comparable to a 35 or 37-years-old. This does not apply to anyone 50 or older.  If you're 50 or older then you're just 50 or older.  Please don't be doing young folks stuff when you're half a century years old. Because honestly, I will laugh at you if you do.

Anyway, I say all of this so that you can understand why someone who is your age can be pathetically timid about settling down.  He may still want to play the field even though he's considered primed for marriage by the standards of years past.  Being such, a woman who is 32 years old and is ready for marriage (though she would have been ready at the age of 24 or 26 years ago) may have difficulty finding someone who is her age because he's still a bit immature in regards to relationship matters.  I already know what you thinking, my lady friends.  You're thinking, "so what good is it to have a young man if he's just as immature as the guy my own age?"  Well, the younger guy is still trying to find himself.  He most likely has not yet married, therefore he's not bringing forth the essence of another into his relationship with you.  The young guy is also trainable.  Why women do not like training a younger strapping man is beyond me.  They're really clueless when it comes to women at your age...or any age, for that matter.

Or, my female friends, you can try catching an older guy. Maybe he's under 55 and ready to settle down before he turns the big 5-O. I mean, he's definitely ready for a 30ish to 40ish tenderoni.  Now, he may have a daughter that's about five to ten years younger than you, but he is more established and ready to give what he's accumulated. Although, he can be very much stuck in his ways. (you see, you don't have to worry about that with the younger guy).

But honestly ladies, most guys your age are either loaded with young ones, or they're still playing Wii or XBox games. My advice: go younger.  Because it's so much easier to train a 25 year-old to drop his joystick.  Pun intended....or not.

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