Thursday, February 27, 2014

Why Black People Can No Longer Use The N-Word

In recent days, the media has reported that the National Football League no longer wants their highly paid athletes to say the N-Word.  They plan to penalize players on the field if the word is heard by a referee.  The result will be a 15-yard penalty and possibly a fine.  Now, keep in mind that over 70% of the NFL is comprised of black athletes. So I'm assuming that they don't want black people to call one another the N-Word?  Or could it be that league owners oddly feel left out because they are banned from using a word that is often used by their employees?

Okay, let's take a really good look at this, and let's start from the beginning.  Now, the N-Word has deeply rooted itself in American white people. It was used in a demeaning way to refer to black people of any culture; AND it's still used in that way to this day; however, it's usually not directed towards anyone who is black.  I imagine that safety is the primary reason for maintaining the restraint; or it could be that white people are more educated in areas of culture, and have accepted the fact that all races are equal.  Still, I somehow feel that it's chiefly due to the first explanation than the latter. Anyway..through the years, black people have creatively taken the sting out of the word by referring to themselves as the N-Word, although removing the last two letters from the word and replacing it with the letter "A."  One black person would refer to another using the N-Word to substitute for the word "man", "woman", "buddy", or use it simply in jest.  You see, black people somehow managed to take the power from the word despite the fact that filth is deeply fused in its meaning.

The NFL wants to discipline black people for using a word that has since been twisted, bent, and folded in order to make some sense out of centuries of nonsensical use. Now, of course you have an older generation of black people who want the word completed removed from any kind of present day usage because of the mass amount of negativity that was directed towards them and their families; and I completely understand that.  However, what many fail to realize is that blacks have empowered themselves once again by taking a word and changing its entire meaning for the better.  This altering was done by way of constant usage within the entertainment industry particularly hip-hop music, via on the field praises and humor directed towards one another in professional sports, and in everyday vernacular of ordinary black folks thus maintaining a strong sense of cultural identity.  Throughout it all black people have dictated who can and who cannot fit into a society in which they have somehow found a way to reinvent.  You (fellow black person) can say the N-Word, and you (non-black employer, neighbor, and even lover) can not.  It's simple.

The NFL owners want total control.  I get it.  They're okay with you saying it, but there are serious consequences for doing so.  Sure, I get it.  It's just like when kids play ball in the playground.  The kid who brought the ball was not picked, or accepted on the team, so now he's preventing everyone else from playing by taking his ball away and going home. So I suppose, black man, that you can say the N-Word behind closed doors (just like them) but you cannot say it publicly (like they would like to do). sigh.  Honestly, I wish my non-black billionaire and multi-millionaire fellow men would just for once by honest about the whole thing. But you know what? I've got some advice for ya. How about if you just keep saying the N-Word to yourselves once or twice every morning when you start your day, and just get it out of your system. Somehow, I have a feeling that would make you feel a lot better; and in the process this whole 'dictating a language thing' would all simply go away.  But wait a wouldn't be doing anything new here, so what's the difference?  Smh.. They're such foolish people.

Or..I could be wrong about the whole thing and you're doing it as a result of the Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito incident where one bullish professional football player texted inappropriate verbage to another more passive player with one of the words mentioned being the N-Word thus forcing you to take necessary steps in an effort to avoid some type of legal action in the very near future.  

I mean,'s either one or the other.

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