Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Ugly Head of Social Media

Gosh, what a mess. D'Angelo Russell's video of fellow Los Angeles Laker teammate Nick Young surfaced and the whole NBA brotherhood is in an uproar.  What video, you ask? Only the one where Russell baits Young to confessing to cheating on fiancée Iggy Azeala.  Oof!  I mean,  who other than Mark Fuhrman or PARTYNEXTDOOR would stoop so low as to capture someone on video stating infidelity?  Well, no one other than an immature basketball player who believes such things to be nothing short of amusing.  

And poor Nick?  I don't think his concerns are the true priority here.  I mean, he did cheat on his fiancée.  The issue at hand is once again the ugly head of social media. Now, D'Angelo Russell is not a complete idiot (although questionable) being that he simply didn't upload the video to Instagram or Snapchat; however, he obviously sent the video to someone in order for it to go viral. 

So, that's at least twice in one week where a slightly high-profile person's feelings have been crushed because of ole Ugly Head. Certainly, we thought Kyrie Irving's social media heartbreak would be a topic for at least a three days; and we were obviously wrong about that. But maybe this weird "social media heartbreak week" would be of worthy cause by serving as some sort of moral lesson to us all. I mean, maybe we'll at least think twice before putting someone's business out on chat street. Then again, what was I thinking?  That mindset is for grown-ups. 

You know, I thought I heard someone say there's a app that will send a video from your phone directly to TMZ itself.  Of course I'm kidding. But do be aware, the future as we've dreamt it is indeed upon us. And I'll tell ya, it can get pretty damn ugly.  

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