Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Disappearance Of Sexual Privacy

Whatever happened to sexual privacy?  It's a topic today because Kanye West came after Wiz Khalifa on Twitter before getting blasted by Amber Rose for being the recipient of a finger frolic while the two were a couple; but still, why should we be exposed to this?  I suppose I'm the only one who believes that what happens in the bedroom should stay in the bedroom no matter what forbidden activities may have occurred.  The problem today is that what was once a matter that stayed behind locked doors is no longer private at all. 

Just look at the stupid Twitter and Facebook posts that deal with sexuality and relationships.  We are constantly reminded that we can peek into someone's bedroom whenever we choose (and most times it's not a choice in the matter). There was a time when we could simply go behind closed doors and subscribe to the porn channel whenever the mood was right. There was a time when Playboy magazine would come to your mailbox concealed to onlookers because they knew that subscribers didn't want their neighbors to know that they had a freaky side.  Look at Playboy today...they don't even want to showcase nudity anymore.  Why?? Because all you have to do is go online and get it for free.  Everything is available for you please your now fully exposed freaky side.  And why stop there? Submit your sexual activity to Tumblr for all the world to see. That's what every one else is doing.

I mean, who doesn't enjoy being spanked, choked, pulled about, leaked upon? It's all in the nature of humankind.  But still, it shouldn't unwantingly be all in our freakin' face, right?  Shouldn't I just go into my private place and get as much super hot porn as I want, whenever I want it?  Do I have to have it forced upon me just as Amber threw Kanye's business upon all of us?  Geez..perish the thought.

Obviously, it's a brand new world out there.  One where your boobies can be googled and you have no idea how it got there.  One were every human's cellphone contains nudie pictures of their loved one, or ex-love,  or their friends' ex-loved one.  One where pornos come in the fashion of gifs or 5 minute uploads.  One where your whole day changes because you just found out that Kanye likes to have his anus probed.  Yes indeedy...things have definitely changed.

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