Saturday, December 19, 2015

Sharing An Office With A Pro-Life Extremist

Yeah, it's true.  Years ago I shared an office with a pro-life extremist. And please don't think I'm writing lightly about a subject which is as serious is this; I'm merely expressing some facts on a topic which is relevant to today's most popular topic.. 

You see, I was a younger man then.  I was fresh out of college and willing to accept any position that was relative to my degree.  A letter came in the mail one day when I returned from Bermuda wanting to know if I would accept a local government position. Of course, I didn't think twice about it.  Two weeks later they showed me to my new office.  After the first two days, my coworkers felt that I had settled in enough to receive the surprising news that I had then shared an office with a pro-life extremist.

Now, when I say extremist I'm certainly not understating the term.  Don't get me wrong, there are were obvious alarming signs or profiles to which to label the man.  He was married and had been honorably discharged from the military years before.  Hell, he even held a position for the local government.  By any definition he was simply a normal guy.  However, he was one who believed that abortion was wrong and that all who condoned it were going to hell, and that those who murdered abortion physicians were well justified. Needless to say, I tried my best to refrain from having these conversations with him.  In actuality, he was a pretty descent guy (outside of his enormously strong views on abortion).  It was as if his pro-life beliefs were the only thing that made his life significant. 

Certainly, you have your own views on the matter and some (or many of you) may think that my coworker is just in his beliefs, and that it is I who is being irrational.  Your opinions are your own and I don't fault anyone for having different thoughts on the issue.  The problem with...(let's call him David); well, the problem with ole David is that he truly believed that abortion physicians should be killed.  David had no qualms about the matter and repeatedly made such statements.  Truly, ole Dave was a supporter to those who have done works similar to the recently abortion shooting in Colorado. Such terrorist behaviors are no different than the one committed in San Bernardino, California. Quite factually, David appeared on several talk shows supporting the shootings that targeted abortion clinics in Brookline, Massachusetts and in North Carolina. The man was often questioned by the FBI, a procedure that seemed to have only fueled his ego.

Now, I believe in a number of things that others may find unfavorable. I believe in the term, Black Lives Matter. I believe that there should be a tougher gun law.  I even believe that Hillary  should listen more to what Bill has to say.  And I firmly believe that masturbation is definitely not murder.  But one thing that I'll stand proudly on my soap box to the full extent of my tippy-toes to voice is that no innocent person should die simply because of the belief of another. Therefore, anyone who attempts to justify murder for their own cause is undoubtedly wrong. And that's a message that I proudly direct to David, and any other fool of a human-being.  This matter is not complicated at all.  In fact, it's as simply as breathing air. 

Terrorism is wrong.

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