Saturday, January 30, 2016

4 Reasons Most White Americans Hate Barack Obama

Hate is truly a very strong word.  However, in this case, it is indeed a fitting one.  It is true that many white Americans hate Barack Obama; and believe me, I hear about it every single day.  One can only wonder the reason why he's disliked so much being that he has a noticeably successful track record.  If you have doubts about his accomplishments then I advise you to go to You'll quickly discover that he is worthy of the accolades.  Yet, this man is disliked more than any president that my parents can recall in their lifetime. 

For example, about six years ago I remember responding to an ad in the newspaper about a gentleman selling a vintage Porsche two-seater.  He was a former school superintendent from New Jersey; and boy, did he hate Obama.  His rants would always start, "that damn Barack Hussein Obama..."  It was so funny.  But anyway, here are the top four reasons why most white Americans hate President Obama.

One: Okay, so he's black.  Yep, it's such a hard pill to swallow, I know.  And his color was the same eight years ago when the American people where chanting "we want change" during a time when the country was trying to get out of a recession.  Well guess what?  He delivered.  President Obama delivered again and again, year after year.  Still, he's such a very hated man. Go figure?

Two: Many white Americans feel like they're actually losing their power.  ISIL is scaring people to death, Syrians and Mexicans are believed to be living on every street in America. Too many people of darker complexion are driving Mercedes and appearing in TV commercials; and oh my gosh..."every black person you know is in a mixed relationship." Life as we know it is truly coming to an end!  Well, to many of the white Americans to whom I'm addressing this piece, you are indeed not losing your power.  There's nothing more to say about that.  You're just not.  Trust me.

Three: The guy simply cares too much.  I can see why that's such a major problem. The confusion centers on the fact that our president cares too much about children dying due to poor gun laws.  He cares too much about the rights of discriminated gay and lesbian people.  He cares too much about those in the prison system who have been sent to jail unjustly.  He cares too much about the environment.  He cares too much about big businesses strong-arming the financial sector.  He cares too much about families deteriorated by drugs, domestic abuse, and poverty.  He cares too much about the next generation who are seeing their Social Security benefits vanishing away. The man simply cares too damn much!  I get it. Surely, anyone can see how such a humanistic characteristic can be such a concerning problem.

Four: The man has too much charm and...well, to discribe it in another way, the man's game is simply on fleek.  His actions appear to be so effortless that one can hardly believe that he's the reason bin Laden is dead, that ISIL is on the run, and that the United States is the most powerful country in the world.  Hmm...I guess I really do see why he's hated so much.  No one person can be so totally awesome!

Of course, I'm not generalizing white people.  I love all of God's children and I place no favoritism based upon skin complexion.  All that is reported is based upon what I see and hear. I merely ask that we all judge our president on his accomplishments and his heart, and not by the lies told by those seeking his position. Because if we take this moment for granted, then I have a feeling that Mr. Barack Hussein Obama will be missed much sooner than later once he leaves his post. And that's real! 

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