Thursday, April 21, 2016

Understanding the Phenomenon Named Prince

Once, after swatting a persistent ladybug away, someone very dear to me reamed me for those selfish actions and explained to me the beauty of those once ignored species. Firstly, they are not asexual insects. They're simply beautifully colorful little beetles that, from the naked eye, have indistinguishable genders.  The male will eventually mate with the female, a procedure that lasts for more than 2 hours; and afterwards, the female goes to a place of ample nourishment and lays eggs that will eventually produce more gorgeous little beings. Please, bare with me… I'm going someplace with this. 

The artist named Prince has passed away leaving a mark on this earth as one of the most interesting and loved humans by people of both genders and all races. In time, you will learn about the seven Grammy awards received and the millions of albums sold.  We will be told of the awesome talents where he created and produced beats, keys, guitar and vocals comprising over 1000 songs in true genius fashion.  People will compare him to other artist who sang falsetto though most do not compare to his artistry. But will we hear about Prince, the creative being, whose music is the most sexually-creative form of art that any person has ever heard? And yes, the man did invent sexuality. He created it through music in a manner that only he can truly explain.  

At 5 feet 2 inches tall and normally wearing heels, Prince became a sexual-being that no man can truly compare. Wearing hairstyles envied by women and clothing that no other man can don, the interpretation of what we believe to be masculinity and grace still exuded from his soul.  The artist simply united people.  He could create an atmosphere through music that would force contentious foes to be cordial, and one that would make lovers want to live out their fantasies. 

Prince was more than an artist… hell, he was more than a unfathomable vibe. He was a phenomenon, a sexual titan, a simple being as gorgeous as the near-identical ladybug. The man taught us about confidence and acceptance through art and passion, and for that he will always be remembered. Some people say that he was caring; others say that he was wonderful. Once during an interview, Prince described himself as simply a “spiritual person." Those were his own words. So... I suppose, truly, spiritual is exactly what the man was.

May he rest in peace

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