Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Biggie's Story: The Best Ever In Hip-Hop

Yes, you've heard. And yes, if you are a fan of real hip-hop, you already know. It has now been revealed.  The truths of The Notorious B.I.G.’s 1997 song “I Got A Story To Tell” has been told. And disturbingly enough, my beloved former New York Knick player Anthony Mason has played the part of the victim.  

Rapper Fat Joe told the world recently that it was the girlfriend of the late Anthony Mason of whom he rapped about in a story of a hook-up gone terribly wrong. The song, however, was done magnificently: and was certainly a favorite of many. 

The escapade starts with Biggie telling the story about meeting up with a girlfriend of an NBA player to his friends.  The story steers to the moment when the player (Mason) surprisingly returns home. B.I.G forces the girlfriend to stall Mason while he comes up with a plan to get out of the situation. The clever Biggie then has an idea to act as if the matter is nothing more than a heist. The plan works as B.I.G puts on a mask and robs Mason of thousands. In addition, it goes down as one of the best tales ever told in any manner on any musical album.  It's simply fantastic.

During the end of the song when asked which Knick player he was referring, B.I.G simply replies, “I don't know… one of them 6”5' nigg#s.”  It was the perfect Biggie response; and it left many wondering if the story was indeed fact or simply fiction. 

Everything about The Notorious B.I.G. was indeed real, and so was his story.  One could also argue that hip-hop was once true and far more authentic.  It’s the reason why true hip-hop fans consider themselves to be just so: real fans.  They've lived through the “good stuff” and they can tell the difference between the counterfeit. 

Of course, there was obvious immorality in the tale and also a hint of disrespect, but there was nothing overt about the matter. It was simply a story. One told to friends of an uproarious night; a true story…  A good story.  And for years, a good story was all that it was. And even now, a good story is what it always will be. 

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