Saturday, May 25, 2013

..And That's Why Sergio Kept it Real With Tiger

Okay..this is what happened.  Sergio Garcia and Tiger Woods had exchanged heated words over the past two weeks, dating to The Players Championship when Garcia said that Woods purposely stirred up the crowd as he was playing a shot.  The matter got nasty when Garcia and other golfers were at a dinner and an emcee from The Golf Channel jokingly asked if he would have Woods over for dinner during the U.S. Open.  "We'll have him round every night," Garcia said.  "We will serve fried chicken."

Hahaha...haha...haha...ha.  Oh, uhh, you didn't find that funny?  Well, not even a little?  Oh...okay.  Well, ole Serg apologized for it; but too late, the damage was done. Welcome to the world of professional golf; and reintroduce yourself, if you will, to a world filled with shadiness and hatred.  But wait a second!  Perhaps something constructive can come out of ole Sergie's racial statement? Yeah.. constructive.

You see, some of have felt that Tiger Woods doesn't have a good sense of self.  Some have even said (not me, of course... well, maybe me) that Tiger has had trouble identifying with blacks.  He has also seemed to act a little awkward around Asians...well, some have said.  So, what's the deal with Tiger?  What's the issue with the most polarized sports figure in the entire world?

Okay, let's get a little more history on the matter. Tiger Woods was heavily ridiculed for the whole wife attacks cheater with golf club incident.  He later confessed to having a sex addition (which was a total joke).  He lost plenty of endorsement money and most of his huge fan base.  The ex-wife signed a divorce settlement which entitled her to receive over a hundred million dollars.  Tiger then struggles to win tournaments.   A year or so later, Tiger starts back winning.  He also wins back endorsements.  He then wins back a good number of his fans.  And now he becomes the recipient of a stereotypical joke.  And well..... I'm okay with it!

Sigh.  I know what you're saying.  "A racial joke is directed towards Tiger Woods, and you're okay with that? What-the-hell, Blaze?"  Well, you see.. firstly, maybe Tiger should be regularly reminded of the thoughts of his fellow players, as well as any other so-called racist associated with The PGA Tour.  And secondly, I mean...gosh man, chose a side for once, Tiger; or chose both, I don't care.  It's just that...playing vanilla, as a race card, isn't a good look for you.  And third, you-are-freakin-touchable, dude!  You should be reminded of that everyday.  Ask O.J.  Ask Wesley.  Ask Oprah... yeah Oprah, the chick who thought she could shop at a Paris Hermes store at any time she wanted...until she was reminded that she was black.   Or ask any black person who thought they were bigger than the thoughts of others in regard to the color of their skin.

And poor Sergio?  Yeah, that's right..poor Serg.  Sergio Garcia, the man who is adored by Europeans, and is now admired by a good number of white Americans for saying what many have said in private... yeah him? Well, quite frankly...Gracias, Spaniard!  Hell, you may have just been the one who brought Tiger Woods to his senses.