Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Paula Deen: Our Favorite Racist

We love us some Paula Deen.  We love her tasty pot pies, her delicious peach cobbler, and of course, the chicken and dumplings.  We love her ever-tender meatloaf, her succulent shrimp kabobs, and that crispy fried chicken. We love her spicy chili beans, her Sweet Chicken Bacon Wraps, and those uber fattening sandwiches.  I'll take the gumbo, please...and that Honey Game Hen to go.  Ahhhhh boy!!  It's the type of food that'll speed up your heart rate all while putting a smile on your face...yes, indeed.  And to top it all, it's all promoted by a certified-down-home white woman.  So its gots to be good for ya, right?  Right??  No? Well, maybe not anymore.  You see, our beloved country fried cook is no longer America's favorite chef.  In fact, she has personally placed herself on a hate list of her loyal fans..

Here's the story.  As part of a $1.2 million lawsuit brought on by Lisa Jackson, former manager of a Savannah, Georgia, restaurant run by Deen and her brother; Jackson alleges that Deen used the N-word at the restaurant repeatedly.  She also alleges that Deen's brother, Bubba Heirs, sexually harassed her.  As a result, Deen admitted in a recorded deposition last month to telling racist jokes, using the N-word, as well as planning a slavery-themed wedding.  But still... that Sweet Chicken Bacon Wrap sure sounds good, right?  Right??  No?

As of June 21st, Deen was fired from the the Food Network.  She has also been dropped by Smithfield Foods, the global pork producing company based in Smithfield, Va.  Walmart, which sells Deen's cookware, is also looking into the matter and will likely remove the product from their shelves; and it is believed that QVC will also follow the actions of the others.  Yet still, something continues to lure me to that delicious Chicken Pot Pie!  No??

Years ago, I took a Sociology of Minorities course instructed by a gifted professor name Dr.Carr. There was one thing that he said that will always stick in my head. "Only people in power can be a racist."  I have repeated those words time and time again when someone was quick to coin another as being a racist.  Most hate words are simply said out of nothing more than absolute ignorance.  I mean, come on... Whites have said negative things about Hispanics (and vice versa), Italians have made derogatory comments about Jews (and vice versa), Orientals have stirred racial remarks towards Blacks (and vice versa).  But still, according to Dr. Carr that doesn't make you a racist. However, when you have direct control over someone's livelihood in such a way in which Paula Deen had power over Lisa Jackson; well, there truly exist the act of racism. Hmmm.... mouth-watering Honey Game Hens.  No??

So what's next for the unveiled racist/celebrity chef Paula Deen?  I'm sure she'll lose more endorsements; and once she's at the bottom, someone will give her another chance to bring forth her culinary magic to the masses.  But, maybe she's learned something from all this.  Then again, maybe she just learned to keep her demeaning thoughts to herself.  Truly, only time will tell.  But until then, Ms. Dean is stuck at a lifetime low, appearing pathetically sorrowful as she pleads the American public for one last desperate act of forgiveness.

But still.... that damn Sweet Chicken Bacon Wrap sure sounds good right now..  No?