Sunday, May 12, 2013

Why We Love/Hate Charles Ramsey

Charles Ramsey is a national hero. No. Charles Ramsey's just a ignorant guy from the hood. Charles Ramsey is a life saver.  No. Charles Ramsey's just a street bum who didn't want to drop his Big Mac to help a screaming woman.  Okay, so who is the real Charles Ramsey? And do we love him, or do we hate him?

It's simple. Charles Ramsey's just a black man living in a Hispanic neighborhood who responded to the screams of a white woman being held by her Puerto Rican captor.  And with all that being said, there's no race issue, there's no gender issue, there's only a matter of human civility.

You see, there are black folks who don't like Ramsey because he reminds them of their aloof cousin or uncle who is always getting themselves into something.  And some blacks simply don't like the fact that this kind of man was fortunate enough, unfortunate enough, ignorant enough (or whatever words you choose to use) to be seen on a national level thus representing all of the black race. Sigh....We can all be such fools at times.

Well, I can tell you for certain what Charles Ramsey is... He's the type of guy who can live on a little over $200 dollars a week because that's what his job pays.  He's the type of guy who can own up to the mistake of assuming that his lover has cheated on him, and goes to jail for domestic assault.  He's the type of guy who gets sent home from work for having AK-47 rounds in his coat pocket that were a souvenir from his friend who served in Afghanistan.  He's the type of guy who ends a George Stephanopoulos' nationally televised interview by simply throwing up the peace sign.  He's the type of guy who constantly insists that the woman who was screaming for help is the real hero.  And in this case, he's the type of guy who came out of his home to respond to the sounds of a stranger who was screaming "a scream you never heard before."

Charles Ramsey, a regular guy from the hood, is indeed a hero.  Nowadays he is bothered by streams of people who just want to be apart of his entourage.  He does radio shows and he's invited to events by people of influence; and still, he's been reminding people for an entire week that he has to get back to his dishwashing job on Monday. "I work for a living, man, and I will until I'm terminated."

Charles Ramsey has had much to say to those who wanted to hear him.  Many wanted to make fun; others simply wanted a story.  But if one had paid close attention to his words then one would have gained much. One of my favorite Charles Ramsey comments is "I just played my damn position.."  Hmmm, just imagine if we all just played our position in life?  Could you fathom that?  Gosh!  What other life changing stories could be told?

So truly, you just gotta love Charles Ramsey.  I mean, the man is only a national hero.