Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Kanye and Kim: And a child named North.

No duo is more suitable for conversation than the drama-king/queen Kanye West and his super egotistical sex tape princess Kim Kardashian.  As often as we see Kanye on TMZ going bananas over a cameraman for simply saying hello...believe me, he wants the attention.  For two wayward beings, it's only fitting that they name their only child North West.  (s-m-h slowly).  One may think that Kim is so uncontrollably attention-seeking because she had lost her father; and that Kanye is so... well, Kanye, because he has lost his mother.  I suppose that the two don't truly understand the importance that parenthood has on child-rearing since they purposely destined their child for a drama-filled life.  Good job, you two.  You've gotten off to an excellent start in steering young North to a future stent in a SA rehab clinic.  But what do I know, they're both talented and uhmm, I mean, well... one is very talented and the other is, well... the other is a female.  Still, who knows? I'm sure that'll do just fine.

Oh, and by the way... here's a much belated congratulations to you both.  It's a girl.